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Part-time Work Advice

Success at SchoolHave shared some tips for students, including making sure that their job doesn’t eat into study time and that their employer follows the rules for working with people under the age of 18.  

Please note that children cannot work until they are 13 years old and may only do work involving light duties. All children aged between 13 and the statutory school leaving age, who are employed, must hold a work permit. Babysitting is not considered ‘work’ by the law. Statutory school leaving date is the last Friday in June in the academic year in which the child is 16 years old.

Oxfordshire County Council website Has information on how to apply for a Child Work Permit and further legal conditions that apply to employing children. Please note that as part of this process the employer and parent/child will need to complete a ‘Part Time Employment of School Children Form’ and then send that form to the Wood Green School Attendance Officer for their completion. 

Work Experience

Work experience is an excellent way to improve your confidence and skills, by letting you explore a range of different careers and see you enjoy them. It also helps your CV!

Students over the age of 14 can undertake work experience. Students under 18 need permission from a parent or guardian. All Year 11s will have work experience in the Autumn, and Year 12s will have work experience in the Summer.

Speakers for Schools offer some excellent Insight days and Work Experience opportunities, both Virtual and face-to face. Their prospectus is regularly updated with the latest opportunities. 
South East student prospectus

Virtual Work Experience

SpringpodOffers a range of FREE Virtual Work Experience in a variety of sectors.  Their vast range of experiences are great for anyone who is considering their next steps, and with each one only taking around 10 hours, students can discover a myriad of employers, learning how to go about securing a role with them while still keeping to their studies.  

YEAR 11 WORK EXPERIENCE  18 - 22 November 2024  

All Year 11 students are encouraged and supported to undertake Work Experience.  

All students receive an assembly on Work Experience along with an introduction to work experience session during their Personal Development lessons and during tutor time. We are working with a new Work Experience provider this year and have teamed up with Unifrog. The system will aid us in recording and managing student placements and will negate the need for hard copy form filling as the process will be managed online using the Unifrog platform, which your child already has access to.


Wood Green School has registered students with the Unifrog destinations platform that helps students:

  • Identify skills and interests,
  • Explore careers and related subjects,
  • Keep a record of key skills and achievements,
  • Compare university, apprenticeship, and Further Education courses - then apply successfully.


Information about how the new system works, along with deadlines for when various elements need to be completed by etc will be issued in the next few weeks. 

We ask all students to organise their own placement as we find that by doing so, students take greater ownership and interest in their placement and organise an experience that is relevant to their own future career interests.  They will be given support and assistance throughout the process.  

All placements must meet employer H&S[1] and Insurance etc requirements. Endorsement of a placement is essential if the placement is to proceed. 

We will keep parents/carers updated regularly between now and November as your support in finding the correct employer is paramount.

Useful Documents:

Work Experience Introduction Letter to Parents/carers - Feb 23

Placement Information for Parents/carers

Unifrog information for parents & carers

Unifrog Placement Guides
Work Experience with Thames Valley Police
If you wish to undertake work experience at Thames Valley Police, you will need to identify a person within the Force who would be willing to support and organise the work experience for you. The Thames Valley Police employee should then email the People Services Help Desk, requesting the documentation they will require to assist with the organisation of the work experience.

Work Experience with Oxford Univerity Hospitals
The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust offer a variety of work experience opportunities across their four hospital sites and have an open process to encourage all those interested in a future career within the NHS to apply. Those attending must be aged 16 years and above to attend clinical areas and aged 18 years and above to attend theatres - students aged over 15 years are restricted to administrative areas only where they may undertake clerical type duties.   

Apply for OUH placementStudents are actively encouraged to approach their preferred department via email enclosing a CV in order to request a placement: a list of departments is available from the above OUH website (the majority of OUH email addresses are formatted as follows;  OUH encourage students to identify appropriate contacts via the department and services section to secure a placement.  Places are offered at the discretion of the various departments.  Do note the Trust may charge administration fees for Work Experience.  

YEAR 12 WORK EXPERIENCE  8th - 12th July 2024 

All Year 12 Students are required to find their own work experience placements for their Work Experience week of Monday 8th – Friday 12th July 2024.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete the 5 days of work experience, or undertake specific courses and dates which have been offered by universities or companies. 

We are now using the Uniforg platform to assist us with managing the Work Experience process and students are required to use Unifrog when securing their placement. 


Useful Documents:

Parent/Carer Information Letter

Unifrog Employer Guides

Should you require any further information, or have any problems accessing these documents, please contact: