Our House System

The Wood Green School House System is a fundamental part of our students’ experience at school, and one we value greatly. We place great emphasis on our house system as it goes beyond the normal pastoral system made up of year groups and provides a way for students of different ages to meet each other and participate together in community-based enrichment activities. It provides the framework for every student to develop both in and out of the classroom, becoming well-rounded and engaging citizens able to be a success at anything they strive for when they leave our school.

On joining Wood Green School each student is placed into one of our two Houses; Wychwood and Cornbury, which are named after nearby local forests. Through their placement in either House, students gain an additional element to their school identity; one that allows them to challenge themselves and inspire other students to achieve. Students are fiercely loyal to their House through-out the entire time they are here at Wood Green School. To aid in this we also aim to place siblings in the same house to build up family connections but understand that peer connections are also important. Mr Roberts, our transition lead, when on school visits to our Feeder primary schools will speak to students on how they would like to proceed when joining in year 7.

Cornbury and Wychwood Logos

A core part of the House System, as well as getting students participating and enjoying extra-curricular activities, is developing students’ leadership skills. We are proud to say that the House System is greatly influenced by the leadership of our students from all year groups – whether this be our Sports Captains, Arts & Academic Captains or Student Governors.

We believe it is important to promote and encourage students to take part in a wide variety of activities, so throughout the school year we run events and competitions in everything from football to photography, badminton to quizzes, or hockey to poetry. The list of events is always growing, as the staff and student leaders are always pushing to find new ways to ensure an inclusive offer that appeals to everyone.

Miss Farjadpour and Ms Morgan are the Heads of House for Cornbury and Wychwood respectively. They lead with enthusiasm, encouragement and a healthy element of competition as they strive each year to help their House to become the winning House and gain the elusive Sue Sawyer Trophy.

MFP   Head of Cornbury

Miss Farjadpour – Head of House Cornbury


Ms Morgan - Head of House Wychwood

Updated October 2022