Travelling to School


Buses - These are provided from the following areas:

South Leigh, North Leigh, New Yatt, East End, Hailey if distance is greater than 2 miles from school), Crawley, Ramsden and Finstock - these services are provided by Oxfordshire County Council Integrated Transport Services and queries should be directed to them. 
OCC School bus phone

All buses leave from the bus park.  Students should aim to arrive at the bus park by no later than 3.05pm (2.05pm on Wednesdays) to catch their buses, and line up at the appropriate stop.  Members of staff supervise students in this area after school. 

Bicycles - Many children cycle to school and there are bicycle sheds for the parking of bicycles during the day.  All bicycles should be securely locked.  Your attention is drawn to the safety advice outlined below concerning cycling to school.  The keeping of these is in the interest of your child’s safety and should be rigidly observed.

Parents are urged to ensure that their child knows the rules of the road as they apply to bicycles.

Common and worrying breaches of road safety are:

  • Turning right without signalling or looking

  • Riding on pavements

  • Riding two to a bike

  • Riding two abreast

  • Having no lights in dark or foggy conditions

We strongly recommend that your child wears a safety helmet for cycling to and from school.

Cars – The Bus Park and access road to the school are very busy at the beginning and end of the day.  

In the interests of safety, school gates are closed and there is no vehicular access to the school site from 2.50pm – 3.10pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and from 1.50pm – 2.10pm on Wednesdays.

Walking – Students who walk to school are asked to take every care when crossing the Woodstock Road and using the access roads into the school.  There is a pedestrian crossing on the Woodstock Road.