Careers Guidance Years 7-11

Wood Green School has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that all our students have access to good quality impartial careers advice, thereby ensuring that each student has the best possible foundation on which to base their future choices and pathways.

Each student has access to information in the Careers Library as well as the Careers Advisor.  David Bingham from Adviza provides impartial careers advice for Years 9-13, helping students make those crucial career decisions from choosing GCSEs, Apprenticeships and A Level Choices. 

David Bingham is a fully qualified and very experienced careers guidance practitioner. In 2004 he obtained the Qualification in Careers Guidance (Level 6) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance from the University of Reading. He started out working in adult guidance for 8 years helping unemployed adults into education, employment and training. David works for Adviza and our school buys in their careers service. To make sure standards are maintained and good impartial advice given, Adviza undertake observational professional practice of their advisors David moved to working with schools across Oxfordshire providing information, advice and guidance (IAG) primarily to students from Year 9 to Year 13 and has worked with Wood Green School students for several years.

Every Year 11 student is seen by the Careers Advisor to make sure that they have explored all possible options before making their decision about their post-16 education, since it is a legal requirement for all young people to be in either education, employment or training up to and including the age of 18.

Careers, course options and their links are also an integral part of the tutor mentoring process, again ensuring that our Year 9s and Year 11s have adequate support to help them make informed choices regarding their options.

Careers education is also covered in Personal Development beginning in Year 7 through to Year 11.


In Year 7, students explore their own personality and interests so that they have a direction to consider the kinds of careers that will appeal.


  • Future aspirations action planning  x 3 hours
  • Careers assemblies


In Year 8 the students start exploring the World of Work, matching careers to subjects.  Students are encouraged to attend a Discovering the World of Work Day with parent/carer/family member/close friend to experience the world of work.  Any students who are unable to work with their parent/carer/family member/close friend are given an alternative timetable within school.  This experience is then followed up in class and in addition members of the school staff come and talk to the students about their experiences in the world of work.


  • World of Work x 3 hours
  • Discovering the World of Work Day - usually held in May.  
  • Careers assemblies


At the beginning of Year 9, students are encouraged to become involved in the wider community, through visits from outside agencies such as the Scout and Military Cadet movements as well as local volunteering organisations.  In this important year, each student is given access to eClips , our careers advice portal, to look at their own skills as they start thinking about their GCSE Options.

As part of their Personal Development programme, all Year 9 students have sessions on making GCSE choices in terms of career pathways (matching careers to subjects), an introduction to eClips and are provided with an Options Booklet. Following on from this,  Parents and students are invited to an Information Exchange Evening followed by a Parents Evening where parents and students can discuss their options with their subject teachers. 

Any Year 9 who is unsure about their choices and who has been identified by their tutor as needing additional support, can be offered an interview with our Careers Advisor.  There are also taster lessons available for any GCSE choices that are new to the students, including the vocational courses offered through Abingdon and Witney College.


  • World of Work x 3 hours
  • Outside agencies - Widening your horizons (Volunteering, Scouts etc) x 1
  • Choosing your GCSE options through careers x 2
  • Careers assemblies


As part of the Personal Development programme, students attend presentations from the Sixth Form, Oxfordshire Apprenticeships, Abingdon & Witney College and Oxford Brookes University.

Morrisby Careers Assessment Test Is offered to students - details will be sent to students regarding test dates and costs. 

‘My child was blown away by the amount of detailed feedback the assessment gave and has given her real food for thought in terms of her strengths and weaknesses, opening up career areas she hadn’t considered. Worth every penny!’ Parent of a Yr 10 child

In the Spring Term, the students begin to make their applications for Work Experience as part of their personal development programme. In addition, the students are taken through a series of lessons on applications and CVs.


  • Pathways Post 16 (Introduction - Oxford Activate Learning, Abingdon and Witney College, Apprenticeships, T Levels, Sixth Form) x 1
  • Preparation for work experience x 2
  • Applications and CVs x 1
  • Preparing for interviews and personal statements
  • Inspiring the Future - Industry Speakers
  • Careers assemblies
  • West Oxfordshire Learning Partnerships Careers Fairs


The Year 11s have an assembly from our Careers Advisor, David Bingham within the first few weeks of starting in Year 11.  Every student is given the opportunity for a one-to-one interview with our Adviza Careers Advisor where they are offered  guidance and advice for their chosen route after Year 11. Our Careers Advisor also briefs Year 11 students on their options post Year 11 - the powerpoint brief is here .

During the second term of Year 11 (usually the 3rd week of November) every student spends a week on Work Placement.  Dates for 2024 Work Experience are 18-22 November 2024.  

Before and after their week on Work Experience, the Year 11 Personal Development programme takes students through the process of revisiting and researching the Post 16 options available to them. They are also given some training on interview skills, and the writing of personal statements, as a preparation for their interviews. The students are given valuable feedback as part of this process.

Outside speakers from different professions, including STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and maths) describe their work, and the pathways leading to their profession.

The Morrisby Test As in year 10 is a careers assessment is offered to students - details will be sent to students regarding test dates and costs. 

‘My child was blown away by the amount of detailed feedback the assessment gave and has given her real food for thought in terms of her strengths and weaknesses, opening up career areas she hadn’t considered. Worth every penny!’ Parent of a Yr 10 child.

Sixth FormAll students who show an interest in attending the Sixth Form at Wood Green School have an interview where they will be given advice on choosing their: 
A level optionsAdvice can also be obtained from Tutors and Subject Teachers.

The students are also made aware of: Abingdon and Witney College Open Days 

Activate Learning Open Days 

Apprenticeship events happening in the local community.


  • Health and Safety x 1
  • Rights and responsibilities x 1
  • Interview and self presentation skills x 1
  • CV Preparation
  • Post 18 “Aspirations Day”
  • West Oxfordshire Learning Partnerships Careers Fair   


Volunteering opportunities 

Information Resources

National Careers Service website This is created by the goverment and is an excellent resource for students wishing to begin to develop employability skills in preparation for their chosen job.

The Skills Development websiteHas a comprehensive database of careers information, including skills/qualifications needed, routes into careers, typical salaries and useful links. While the target audience is young people in Scotland, but the advice and web links are applicable to the whole of the UK.

The National Stem Centre Promotes careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and has a wealth of information for any student who is interested in careers in any of the above subject areas.

OxMe Website Is Oxfordshire County Council's excellent website offering advice and guidance for young people (aged 13-19) looking for jobs, apprenticeships, opportunities for voluntary work and advice on things like money and health.